Genova Coronata

  • Aggregation Center "Il Sentiero": Welcomes over 36 children from the neighborhood and surrounding areas, serving as a reference point for families in the area.
  • Daytime socio-sanitary integration community "Cielo e Sassi": Hosts 10 minors from multi-problematic families, mandated by Social Services.
  • Educational assistance community "Le Coccinelle": Provides accommodation for 12 children between 6 and 18 years old. Welcomes young people removed from their families due to severe existential and social problems.

Genova Albaro

  • Aggregation Center "Il Vento del Sud" (C.A.V.S.): Accommodates up to 63 children from the area, upon referral by social services or families in the neighborhood.
  • Daytime socio-sanitary integration community "La Pilotina": Hosts 10 children, providing integrated support for their socio-sanitary needs.
  • Educational assistance community for socio-sanitary integration "Le Tende di Dumyat": Welcomes 12 children with serious family problems, some at risk of psychiatric drift.

La Spezia

  • Mother and Child Residential Community: Accommodates up to 8 high-intensity family units and 4 medium-intensity family units.

Genova - Hospitality for University Students

  • Padre Umile Residence: The project aims to provide a safe environment for foreign students, support online classes, and promote collaboration among international students.

Genova Coronata - Project in Opening Phase

  • The new project "Mother and Child Community" is currently in the opening phase, conceived as a replication of the success of the Community in La Spezia. The initiative aims to provide support to families in need, offering 12 places for medium-intensity family units and 6 places for high-intensity family units.