From 16/04/2018 to the present, the Director and Legal Representative is Father Francesco Rossi. So that there is always an active presence of a friar who can, for his title, coordinate both the administration and the spiritual life, Father Francesco has appointed Father Biju James as his collaborator and deputy director of the Foundation.

Continuing the work begun by Father Giampiero, we are working to give life to an everlasting deeper infrastructural modernization through a radical redevelopment of the institutional buildings. The Sorriso Francescano operates in the Ligurian territory with its historic locations in Genoa and La Spezia.

Genova Albaro

In Albaro there are:

  • The aggregation center, Il Vento del Sud, which welcomes up to 30 children from the territory on dispatch of social services or simply from the families in the neighborhood.
  • The community with a day cycle for social and health integration that 10 children;
  • The educational assistance community with socio-health integration, Le tende di Dumyat which welcomes 12 young people with serious family problems, some of them require particular observation and care, as they appear to be a risk of psychiatric drift, as part of a collaboration project with the ASL 3 aimed at avoiding the insertion of "borderline" minors within psychiatric facilities. The minors accepted remain in the community even on weekends due to the severity and the delicacy of family problems.
  • The educational assistance community with socio-health integration, Rivotorto that hosts 12 children. This community, which is still located today, is planned inside the Interiano Conservatory in Via Parini, by the year 2021 is transferred to the premises of the Sorriso.

Genova Coronata

In Coronata, in the renovated Mother House of the Sorriso Francescano, Villa Piuma, there are:

  • The Aggregation Center, il Sentiero, which is open to more than 20 children from the neighborhood and is proposed as a reference point for the families of the territory.
  • The community with a day cycle for social and health integration, Cielo e Sassi, that hosts 10 minors from multi-problem groups, on behalf of the Social Services, and works with families to implement parenting resources and prevent the removal and institutionalization of children.
  • The welfare educational community, Le Coccinelle, which hosts in residential form 12 boys and girls between 6 and 18 years, expelled from their families for serious reasons existential and social problems of the same.

La Spezia

Two Parent-Child Community Modules are currently in operation in La Spezia, on which operates a socio-psycho-educational team made up of 16 units of employees, under the Direction entrusted to Father Biju James.

  • Community module that operates at medium intensity to accommodate up to 4 nuclei, develops work mainly in the observation and support of skills parenting, in initiating and accompanying autonomy paths, including work, in educational and psychological support and in the psychophysical protection of the minor.
  • The high intensity module accommodates up to 8 nuclei including underage mothers, has it has undergone a transformation in recent years due to the fact that you have tried to respond effectively both to the needs of the people inserted in the structure and to the requests from part of the relevant social services.