From 16/04/2018 until today, the Director and Legal Representative of the Foundation is Father Francesco Rossi. The constant presence of a friar in this role allows for coordination of both administration and spiritual life. Father Francesco has appointed Father Biju James as his collaborator and Vice Director of the Foundation Padre Biju James, leveraging his title to ensure an active presence.

We continue the work started by Father Giampiero, focusing on the realization of increasingly profound infrastructure modernization through a radical requalification of institutional buildings. Our organization, Sorriso Francescano, operates in the Ligurian territory and has its historical locations in Genoa and La Spezia.

Genova Albaro

In Albaro there are:

    • The Aggregation Center Il Vento del Sud accommodates up to 30 children from the local area, referred by social services or simply by families in the neighborhood.
    • The Daytime Socio-Sanitary Integration Community La Pilotina can accommodate up to 10 minors and works with the families of the residents to prevent the separation of the children from their family units, whenever possible.
    • The Socio-Sanitary Integration Educational Assistance Community Le tende di Dumyat has increased the number of minors residing from 6 to 12.

Genova Coronata

In Coronata, at the renovated Mother House of the Sorriso Francescano, Villa Piuma, you will find:

  • The Aggregation Center Il Sentiero is open to more than 20 children from the neighborhood and surrounding areas, serving as a point of reference for local families. Since January 2022, the Aggregation Center has expanded its capacity and now accommodates up to 30 children.
  • The Daytime Socio-Sanitary Integration Community Cielo e Sassi houses 10 minors from multi-problematic backgrounds, under the mandate of Social Services. It works with families to enhance parenting resources and prevent the separation and institutionalization of children.
  • The Educational Assistance Community Le Coccinelle provides residential accommodation for 12 boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 18, who have been removed from their families due to severe existential and social issues.

La Spezia

In the area of Via dei Colli, there are communities that provide accommodation, based on referrals from social services, for families consisting of mothers with minor children.

  • Medium-intensity Community Module: This module primarily focuses on observing and supporting parenting skills, facilitating and accompanying individuals towards independence, including employment, providing educational and psychological support, and ensuring the physical and mental well-being of minors.
  • High-intensity Module: This module is constantly evolving, responding to the needs of individuals in the facility and the requests from the relevant social services.